Why Should I Filter Machine Coolants?

In any type of industry where machines and equipment use coolant liquids, having the ability to extend the life cycle of the coolant is important. This includes machining equipment such as grinders, horizontal and vertical machine centers, lathes and parts washers.

There are several important reasons to filter this coolant on a regular basis. Having an oil and water separator to filter the liquid will benefit any business by:

  • Reducing costs – By using an oil water separator and filter system, machine-dispersed, free-floating, and tramp oil, as well as suspended solids, can be efficiently removed from the liquid. This allows the liquid to be used to the maximum duty cycle, helping to reduce the costs associated with draining and replacing the coolant due to the buildup of oil and solids.
  • Less waste disposal – In addition to reducing the costs of replacement of the coolant, by filtering rather than replacing, the business has lower waste disposal costs. Small amounts of removed oil and solids are more economical to dispose of as compared to completely draining the system and getting rid of the dirty coolant.
  • Long life cycle of equipment – By keeping the coolant filtered, the equipment has a longer life cycle. Without the tramp and mechanically dispersed oil, as well as the associated suspended solids in the liquid, the equipment is more effective and efficiently cooled, preventing problems that occur from inefficient cooling during operation.
  • Top ROI – Investing in an oil water separator and filter systems for coolant is not an investment that takes a long time to pay for itself. In fact, in most types of machining and part-washing equipment, effective industrial filtering systems pay for themselves in about four months of use. The more the systems are used, the faster they pay for themselves and start saving the business money.