Tube Mill Coolant Recycling Systems

How EdjeTech Machine Coolant Recycling Systems Work

The Tube Mill Coolant Recovery Systems (T.M.C.R.S) is highly recommended when you need to clarify large volumes of coolant with various process rates. EdjeTech custom designs these tube mill filtration systems according to the individual needs of your facility.

These systems from EdjeTech are widely used in large machining facilities, automotive manufacturing plants, and in tube mills. When used as an in-line filter for high flow coolant applications, the TMCRS offers enhanced productivity and fluid usage.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and can remove bulk particulate down to 30 microns or lower and tramp oil down to 1/4 of 1% by volume. Other advantages offered by the tube mill filtration systems are:

  • Helps keep the coolant recycling machine clean to curb the proliferation of bacteria and fungus
  • Extends the life of your coolant so that you can use the same coolant for an extended period
  • Reduces concentrate purchases and hauling costs

Total Effectiveness

  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Reduces new fluid purchases
  • Quick system payback
  • Easy to operate

Economical, Field Proven Performance

  • Removes tramp oil
  • Reduces suspended oils
  • Extends coolant sump life
  • Automatic fluid make up
  • Separated oils can be sold or reused
  • Automatic operation
  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Compact, self-contained
EdjeTech’s team is standing by to responsively address your needs for tube mill coolant filtration systems. Please speak with an EdjeTech representative for more information.

T.M.C.R.S. Literature

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