The Benefits of Coolant Recycling Systems

Coolant recycling systems play an important role in reducing cost, waste, and the environmental impact of metalworking operations all over the world. Whether you run a grinding, stamping, milling, or similar operation, coolant recycling from EdjeTech can help you save money, and comply with governmental regulations.


Cost Benefits and Waste Reduction


We know that cutting waste is a top priority for our customers, and a robust recycling system will save a lot of money in coolant costs. Investing in such a system will pay for itself over the life of your equipment, as you will be avoiding frequent, costly coolant refills. In fact, our system payback is generally between 3 and 9 months. A recycling system will also reduce maintenance downtime, so you can concentrate on your customers, instead worrying about operational logistics. EdjeTech provides a wide-range of coolant recycling systems that can be tailored to fit your operation precisely, to provide superior efficiency.


Compliance with Environmental Regulations


One of the most difficult aspects of operating a metalworking business is compliance with local, and national, environmental regulations. Within an industry that has such stringent waste-disposal regulations, the cost of non-compliance is high. At EdjeTech, all of our coolant recycling systems comply with EPA, and RCRA requirements. We want to help you make sure that you are meeting regulatory requirements by reducing your environmental impact as much as possible.


Stop wasting your coolant! Contact EdjeTech today to learn how one of our coolant recycling systems help your operation run more efficiently, and cleanly, than ever before.

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