Tramp Oil Separator Systems

The Tramp Oil Separation System (T.O.S.S.) from EdjeTech will extend the life of your metalworking/metal forming fluids and your detergent wash waters by removing free-floating, dispersed, and loosely emulsified tramp oils from coolant reservoirs or parts washers.

T.O.S.S. Applications

The T.O.S.S. is perfect for a variety of applications, including:
  • Metalworking Facilities: ​Turning, grinding, standard machining operations, part washers
  • Screw Machine Shops: ​Coolant sumps
  • Additional Uses: Pre-treatment before waste treatment systems and fine filtration systems, including micro, nano, ultra, and reverse osmosis

The T.O.S.S. is Easy to Maintain

  • Floating Skimmer
  • Air or Electric Pump
  • Oil Water Separation Unit
The operator only has to place the floating skimmer and the T.O.S.S. clean-fluid return line in the fluid reservoir, then start the pump. The T.O.S.S. will do the rest.

How Does the T.O.S.S. Work?

EdjeTech’s T.O.S.S. removes free-floating, mechanically dispersed (beaten in) oil, and suspended solids from contaminated fluid.

The EdjeTech floating skimmer is mounted in the reservoir that contains the contaminated fluid (see picture on right). The floating skimmer is adjusted to skim the surface of the reservoir and pull in the free-oils that are floating on the surface. The skimmer also pulls in fluid beneath the surface that contains mechanically dispersed oil, and suspended solids.

The separator supply pump pulls the contaminated fluid through the skimmer and discharges it into a bag filter (see picture on right) located in the separator. The fluid filters through the bag, removing suspended solids, and flows under the tramp oil discharge trough into highly efficient coalescing media.

The media is made up of one cubic foot cubes and contains 132 square feet of surface area. The large volume of surface area in a small space is what allows for 99% separation efficiency of 20-micron oil droplets (and larger) on the first pass. The more area the tramp coolants have to flow through, the more efficient the separator.

The clarified fluid from the coalescing media flows into the clean fluid chamber and is discharged from the separator via an adjustable overflow weir back into the reservoir from where it came.

The free oils removed by the media surface to the top of the tank flow into the tramp oil discharge trough where they gravity drain out of the system into a client-provided holding container (i.e. 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum).

For more information about our Tramp Oil Separation system or to discuss your specific requirements, call us today at (888) 676-0104.

T.O.S.S. Literature

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