Metalworking Fluid Filtration Equipment

Edjean Technical Services Inc. products cover a huge range of applications for the metalworking fluid industry. Our systems remove magnetic (ferrous) particulate and non-magnetic particulate from water-based and straight oil metalworking fluids. Whether you need a paper bed filter or a magnetic separator, EdjeTech has the right product.

Our industrial oil filtration equipment removes all suspended particles from a working fluid, regardless of its size or weight. We offer filtration solutions that are tailored specifically to the individual requirements of any given application. Not only do we provide the best equipment, but our team of professionals also offers comprehensive technical support and services.

Our metalworking fluid filtration equipment can handle any challenge, making it the preferred choice for numerous industries. We focus on providing filtration solutions that offer maximum efficiency and reliability in any situation.

Paper Bed Filter
The paper bed filter removes contaminants from liquids such as water-soluble fluids, detergent water, cutting oils, grinding fluids, and more!
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Magnetic Separator
The magnetic separator is a heavy-duty magnet that removes ferrous particulates and is designed to extend the life of water-based coolants.
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Combo Unit
The DCO Filter System combines a magnetic separator to remove ferrous metal fines and a paper filter to remove non-ferrous materials.
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