Run a Healthier Shop with a Tramp Oil Skimmer

It’s hard to keep a metal shop clean. It’s well known that the dirt and grime employees must deal with makes the job unpleasant and can even contribute to health problems. The dirty tramp oil makes the air dirty, too, which can cause breathing complications for some people.


If you want to run a healthier shop, add a tramp oil skimmer to all your machines running coolant. It skims the dirty tramp oil off the coolant, removing it from the shop into a disposal bin. Running the tramp oil skimmer throughout the day will ensure that dirty oil is constantly removed from the shop’s atmosphere.


After just a few days, you’ll notice that your shop is cleaner and smells better. The air will be healthier to breathe, and employees will go home feeling cleaner at the end of the day.
Over time, you’re likely to see the number of sick days taken by employees decrease, as they are breathing healthier air. You may even see employee retention increase because people feel like they have a healthier place to work.


People with respiratory ailments, in particular, are more likely to stay healthy when they work in an environment with cleaner air.
As an employer, you can feel good about providing your employees a healthier place to work. However, you can almost certainly feel good about saving money, too. Coolant that has the tramp oil and particulate removed regularly can be used indefinitely.


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