Industrial Fluid Management Consulting

EdjeTech Services is here to help!

Since its founding in 1985, EdjeTech Services has specialized in assisting manufacturing companies with
solving fluid application and waste fluid disposal problems.

We help facilities save money!

Proper Industrial Fluid Management planning eliminates fluid redundancy, costly equipment overlaps and inefficiencies, and
reduces offsite disposal cost and liability. By far the biggest incentive for the company to reduce waste volume is the high
liability and rising cost of other waste management options.

Regardless of the size of the service organization, it should be responsive to the client’s specific needs, be capable of generating innovative ideas, and have the necessary in-plant practical experience to develop and implement a program based upon the client’s specific requirements.

EdjeTech will not come in and tell you how it is. We’ll study your business needs and provide a report that outlines your current process, our recommendations on how those processes could be improved, and, if necessary, an equipment list you can shop from or use the EdjeTech equipment proposed in the report.

EdjeTech’s responsiveness is a principle building block in our service. Questions and problems brought forward by the client will receive timely and meaningful answers. Correspondence is processed quickly and accurately to keep both teams up to date.

Green Machine Sump Sucker

EdjeTech Services provides on-site consultation because sometimes, having another set of eyes that view things from an external perspective reveals savings opportunities that are not seen by those individuals involved in the day-to- day operation of a facility.

Let our experience help you Increase Production Through Waste Minimization!

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We recently were asked by a CNC machining facility to visit and review their already existing recycling area and see how they might save money. They were doing a great job with chip recovery and fluid recovery. However, digging deeper and getting into the costs, procedures, and plant area consumed, EdjeTech Services, for just a small consulting fee, uncovered nearly $150,000.00 in possible savings. We can do this for you too!

Call EdjeTech Services at (800) 242-0525 or visit our “contact us” page to discuss your company’s situation and see how we can help save you money!


Metalworking Fluids – A Practical Approach to Maintenance & Recovery