Green Machine Dual Tank Sump Vacuum Cleaner

The Green Machine DTS means Dual Tank System. The dual tank sump vacuum cleaner operates like the standard  Green Machine. The other tank is strictly for clean fluid. The DTS is used to not only remove dirty fluid from a machine sump but also to quickly fill that sump with clean coolant for minimal machine down time. The Green Machine coolant sump vacuum has turned, in some cases, a four-hour sump cleaning into a 15-minute maintenance routine.

  • An important feature is the unit’s rugged construction. The dual tank industrial sump cleaner is built tough. In a plant environment, the Green Machine DTS is built to take it. The vacuum is maintenance and repair-free. All materials of construction are of the highest standards to ensure the BEST QUALITY FOR OUR CUSTOMERS.
  • The Green Machine dual tank sump vacuum cleaner  is very easy to use – connect it to an airline and the unit is in full operation. Each tank on the  Green Machine DTS  has the suction/discharge feature and can fill or discharge quickly and easily. A high-level check valve will turn off the suction when the unit is full.


Air Pressure (minimum) PSI 80
Air Consumption cfm 19
Air Discharge cfm 80
Flow PM 30
Vacuum in.Hg 11
Size Tank 1 Tank 2
GM55 55 US Gallon 55 US Gallon
GM90 90 US Gallon 90 US Gallon
  • 1/2" Air Line Required
  • Note: Figures are rounded off


  • 1.0 CUBIC FOOT FILTER – 10″ dia. x 12″ long, filter liner, available in 200 to 50-micron rating. 200-micron standard.
  • CASTERS – 4″ dia., 2 swivel w/brake, 2 rigid
  • Hose – 1-1/2″ industrial strength, chemical and abrasion resistant.
  • Accessories – Wands are chrome plated steel, crevice tool, bulk pick-up nozzle, forklift guides, tool holder, and push handle.
  • Material – Carbon steel construction

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