Paper Bed Filter with Magnetic Separator

DCO Filter System

The DCO Filter System combines a magnetic separator to remove ferrous metal fines and a paper filter to remove non-ferrous materials.

The magnetic separator removes ferrous metals to help reduce paper media consumption.

The paper bed filter purifies liquids of different types (water-emulsion-solution-oil) from solid pollution (such as slag and residual working products).

Usually connected to the machine tools they are as well used in other sectors (in the mechanical, chemical, dyeing, food, glass, washing, painting, water treatment industry).

The polluting particles can be metallic (max. mm 6×6) or non metallic (max. mm 4×4). The filtration degree is determined by the choice of the filter cloth. All purifiers can also be produced in stainless steel for corrosive liquids, pure water and food industry.

Models with higher capacity than standard are available.

Solid pollution magnetic separator
  • Paper Bed Filter with Magnetic Separator