Use the Right Coolant Separator Provider

Using a coolant separator is a great way to protect your equipment from failure and save your company money. Your coolant separator removes harmful particulate and oil from your coolant, keeping it clean as it runs through your machines. Paired with a coolant recycling program, it can save you money on coolant and on machine repairs.


One of the best ways to ensure you have a great coolant separator and coolant recycling program is by ensuring you use the right vendor. The company you purchase these products from can provide you with valuable assistance and advice in addition to providing you with equipment.


Choose a vendor that has been in business for several years and one that has a reputation for providing good customer service. It’s important to know that your vendor will be around for the long haul and that they will be responsive to your needs and questions.

Choose a vendor that offers multiple options for coolant separators, skimmers, and recycling machines. This helps ensure you get the best equipment for your particular machines and for your budget.
Choose a vendor known for innovation, as well. Technology changes in every industry, and it can help your business to run more efficiently and save money if you have access to new innovations as these occur. A vendor who is well versed in the changes can help you decide which ones are right for your business.


EdjeTech Services fulfills all of these qualifications and more. We know that in the metal working industry, having the right vendor for this equipment can be just as important as the equipment itself. Take the time to find the right vendor for your coolant separator and other metalworking machinery so that you have all the help you need to keep your business running smoothly.

The Green Machine Sump Sucker – An Essential Tool for Your Shop

As a business owner, you don’t have unlimited funds to spend on your company. But, you want to have all the right tools to help you and your employees do their jobs. Tools that are versatile, and allow you to perform many different functions provide the best bang for your buck.


One of the tools that can benefit any metalworking shop is a sump sucker. This versatile machine can be used to keep many different areas in your shop clean and operating efficiently.


The sump sucker can be used in several different applications. Obviously its main function is giving your sump or pit a complete clean out. It can also be used to easily vacuum tramp oil from your sump, and separate metal fines and particulate from your machine coolant. Using the sump sucker on a regular basis keeps your sump in good working order and extends its life.


Your sump sucker is designed to be extremely rugged and versatile. The product is designed to last a lifetime and be maintenance free and not need regular repairs. The machine is made from carbon steel construction with industrial strength hoses. There are two sizes available. The smaller vacuum is 55 gallons, and the larger one is 90 gallons. It comes on casters, so it’s easy to move around your shop, ensuring you keep everything clean.


The sump sucker is also easy to use. Simply connect it to an airline and then is fully operational. The turn of a knob will change the machine from fill to discharge. You can let your sump refill by gravity or use the pump for faster refill.


Talk with an industrial fluid management expert at EdjeTech to help you find the right size of the sump sucker that works best for your shop. They can help you choose a sump sucker that will last you for years, and be able to handle the needs for your shop. Your vendor can help you find all the tools you need to help you keep your shop clean and operating just the way you expect.

Choosing a Partner in Your Metalworking Business

Starting a metalworking business can be exciting, but can also create a lot of questions. Turning a hobby into a business requires making some important decisions and learning ways to increase efficiency in order to make a profit.


The right equipment can help make your business more efficient and make your job easier. Equipment like industrial filtration systems lower costs, reduce manpower and make your business more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, they can reduce wear and tear on your equipment making it last longer and protecting your investment.


If you’re new to the industry, you may not understand how these systems can work to your advantage. That’s why it’s important to have an industrial filtration company as your partner as you begin your new venture. An industrial filtration company can provide you with the equipment you need to get your business going the right way. A company manufacturing an industrial filtration system can provide you with expertise and advice that will prove invaluable as you navigate your new business. They can let you know which pieces of equipment will provide you with the most benefit. They can even help you to create your business processes so that you are operating at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency.


Choose an industrial filtration equipment company based on their longevity and reputation in the industry. By choosing a company with a long history, you’ll ensure you get advice from seasoned professionals. You’ll also ensure that your partner will be around for the long haul. You should also look for a company that offers a wide range of products to serve your business.


Every new business has ups and downs, but you can certainly increase the number of “ups” by making smart business decisions from the beginning. Choosing to partner with a company like EdjeTech and employing an industrial filtration system, is one of the smartest decisions a new metalworking business can make.

How Waste Gets in Your Way

All CNC machinists know that coolant is required to keep machining equipment from overheating, and this coolant quickly becomes contaminated with solids, oil or sludge. You accept it as a fact of life, but the work you’re doing is a particularly dirty job, and this dirt and waste damages machinery and slows down production.


Not only do you spend time disposing of the used coolant and waste, but you spend a lot of money doing so. Disposal is expensive because the waste must be disposed of properly since it is environmentally hazardous and then you have to buy replacement fluid as well.


All of these issues get in the way of you doing your job in the most efficient and cost effective way. But, there is a way to reduce waste, the money it costs and the cost of disposal.


Work Without Waste


A coolant filtration system removes the dirt, oil, and sludge from your coolant, allowing you to recycle it several times before you must dispose of it. This reduces the overall amount of waste for disposal, saving you on disposal costs, and helping you do your part for the environment. You can save as much as 90% on disposal costs by filtering and reusing your coolant.


A coolant filtration system also saves big money on the costs of buying coolant. Because the coolant is now reusable, you’ll buy far less than before. In fact, it’s estimated that you’ll save between 45 and 80% on the amount spent on coolant each year. It’s easy to see how this system pays for itself in savings.


Don’t let waste get in your way. Save time and money by using a coolant filtration system for the fluids you use for metalworking. It’s smart business, and it keeps all that waste well out of your way, allowing you to focus on the primary intent of your business.

Water Oil Separators for Environmentally Conscious Metal Working

Metalworking has many applications in everyday life. As the owner of a metal working business, you have many opportunities to create products people will use over and over.


The metal working business uses a great deal of fluid for creating products since tooling and equipment must be constantly lubricated. With all of these chemicals in use, it’s important to take measures to ensure you do business in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible.


The best way to be an environmentally conscious metal worker is to purchase a water oil separator for your business. This machine separates the free and mechanically dispersed oil from the water based cutting fluid used by the machining center, keeping the cutting fluid clean and eliminating many of the adverse effects caused by dirty cutting fluid during the machining process. In the long run, this means your business will have far less fluid for disposal, improved cutting performance, and less coolant concentrate to purchase. You’ll be contributing far less hazardous material than a shop that doesn’t use an water oil separator. You’ll spend far less in material disposal fees, too.


This is good news for your bottom line. Your water oil separator is a one-time equipment investment that you’ll rely on for years to come. You’ll recoup the cost of this investment quickly in the money you’ll save on fluid concentrate and disposal fees. Once you’ve recouped the cost of the water oil separator, the money you saved from increasing coolant life and decreasing disposal costs will go right to your bottom line.


So, be certain you take steps to run an environmentally conscious metal working shop right from the beginning. A water oil separator is a simple investment that will pay for itself by reducing the amount of fluid concentrate you buy and the amount that must be disposed of in the environment.


Talk with your metal working vendor about other ways you can save money and be more environmentally friendly in your business. They are certain to have ideas to make your business better for you and for the planet.

Benefits Of A Tramp Oil Skimmer

If you operate a machine shop, you know the problems tramp oil can cause. When it seeps out of the slide-ways before washing into the coolant mixture, it becomes a contaminant and a possible pollutant. To remove the leaked oil from the lubricant, you need a reliable tramp oil skimmer.


The Role of Tramp Oil Skimmers


Tramp oil skimmers have one specific purpose. They detach the tramp oil from the coolant. The oils targeted are dispersed, loosely emulsified and free floating in the reservoirs of the machinery. It also filters and removes any suspended oil solids. Our T.O.S.S. T1 utilizes an air pump and floating skimmer to accomplish this task.


Benefits of Using a Tramp Oil Skimmer


Tramp oil skimmers offer several benefits when used properly in a machine shop. Below are a few:


  • Easy means of removing tramp oil from coolants
  • Effective approach to removal of contaminated oil
  • Reduction in disposal costs of tramp oil
  • An effective means of prolonging the life and quality of parts wash water bath
  • Prolonging of coolant life, including water-soluble oils, semi-synthetic, and synthetic based coolants, therefore reducing the cost for raw materials
  • Extends the life of tools
  • Can prevent clogging of filters and spray heads


Moreover, our systems require minimal amount of maintenance. This, together with the other savings in contamination reduction and contaminant disposal, results in our T.O.S.S. T1 being one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of removing tramp oil from coolant sumps and other equipment.


The Tramp Oil Skimmer


If you want to improve the efficiency of your system while reducing the overall problems caused by contaminants such as tramp oil, consider the effectiveness of utilizing a tramp oil skimmer. At EdjeTech, our professional engineers and technicians can work with you to help determine the best way to employ any of our systems for the best results possible.

Scoping Out Industrial Suppliers

When you work in the metalworking industry, parts and equipment need to be tough enough to stand up to intense wear and tear. Industrial jobs call for industrial equipment, and choosing your vendors poorly can affect your cost of doing business, and over time, your profits.


Industrial products like oil water separators and coolant recovery systems can be expensive and aren’t products you want to have to replace often. When you need to add this product to your shop or replace a unit already in place, you want to ensure the product is high quality and long lasting.


Products like oil water separators are highly specialized, and not available from a wide range of vendors. This can make it seem as though you have few options from which to choose.


The good news is that you can find the right vendor with the products that will offer good value and durability, even in specialty products for your shop.


Take the time to learn about all the vendors that make specialty products catering to your industry. Start by checking out their websites and learning about the products they provide. Talk to their representatives to determine how knowledgeable they are in their products and your industry.


Ask for pricing from each vendor and compare. What you should be looking for is the best combination of price and value. Consider product quality, expertise, the number of years in business and reputation in the industry.


With a little due diligence, you’ll find the right vendor to provide industrial equipment to your shop. There are vendors out there who have the products you need, the support to back them up, and who will work hard to earn and keep your business.


EdjeTech Services provides products, including oil water separators to the metal working industry. Call us today to discuss your needs.

The Benefits of Coolant Recycling Systems

Coolant recycling systems play an important role in reducing cost, waste, and the environmental impact of metalworking operations all over the world. Whether you run a grinding, stamping, milling, or similar operation, coolant recycling from EdjeTech can help you save money, and comply with governmental regulations.


Cost Benefits and Waste Reduction


We know that cutting waste is a top priority for our customers, and a robust recycling system will save a lot of money in coolant costs. Investing in such a system will pay for itself over the life of your equipment, as you will be avoiding frequent, costly coolant refills. In fact, our system payback is generally between 3 and 9 months. A recycling system will also reduce maintenance downtime, so you can concentrate on your customers, instead worrying about operational logistics. EdjeTech provides a wide-range of coolant recycling systems that can be tailored to fit your operation precisely, to provide superior efficiency.


Compliance with Environmental Regulations


One of the most difficult aspects of operating a metalworking business is compliance with local, and national, environmental regulations. Within an industry that has such stringent waste-disposal regulations, the cost of non-compliance is high. At EdjeTech, all of our coolant recycling systems comply with EPA, and RCRA requirements. We want to help you make sure that you are meeting regulatory requirements by reducing your environmental impact as much as possible.


Stop wasting your coolant! Contact EdjeTech today to learn how one of our coolant recycling systems help your operation run more efficiently, and cleanly, than ever before.

The Importance of Machine Coolant Filtration

Today’s machine shops and fabrication services have sophisticated equipment, performing a wide range of processes. Many of these machines are computer operated, and are very expensive to purchase, and maintain. In order to simplify, and improve, the process of machining, coolant and lubrication fluids must be used. This can present a major problem in the way of used fluid. An efficient machine coolant filtration system can provide many benefits to your business. Here are some reasons why.


Extend Coolant Life


Modern CNC equipment costs continue to escalate, as more-and-more features are added, and technology advances. This makes it very important to keep your equipment as long as possible. The longer it lasts, the greater return you receive on your investment. Keeping shop fluids clean can make a huge difference in the wear-and-tear on your machinery. In fact, in some cases, it can dramatically increase double the life expectancy of your machinery and increase the life of your coolant indefinitely.


It’s often the things you cannot see which can cause the most damage to equipment. A good machine coolant filtration system eliminates particles so tiny they can’t be seen. It’s these minuscule pieces of debris which can work like erode valuable parts over time. Eliminate this problem, and you rid yourself of many headaches.


Increase Uptime


One of the biggest problems shops face today is downtime. Most shops cannot afford to have backup equipment on hand, so when something breaks down, they have to wait until repairs can be made. This can take hours, days, or even weeks, in some cases. Obviously, this could cause a customer order to be late. Machine coolant filtration helps to eliminate many problems associated with equipment breakdowns.


Increased Efficiency


It’s not efficient to dump your used coolant, and completely replace it; you have to pay for more coolant, and you must pay for a way to properly dispose of the old coolant. Filtering, and cleaning, is a much better solution for both your wallet, and the environment.


Not All Machine Coolant Filtration Systems Are the Same


Filtering can be done in many ways, but the more efficient your system is, the better your shop will run. EdjeTech Services provides Ultrafiltration Systems which allow you to reduce your waste fluids, while complying with all local, state, and federal codes. These systems are known as separation waste and treatment systems (SWAT). They utilize special filtration membranes, which can deliver as high as a 98-percent reduction in waste fluids. To find out more about these systems, call us at (800) 242-0525 toll free or visit us on the Web at