Use an Efficient Tramp Oil Skimmer to Remove Tramp Oils

At EdjeTech, we provide a tramp oil skimmer and water separation system that eliminates mechanically disseminated, free-floating oil and suspended solids from contaminated fluid. This blog explores the features and benefits of the tramp oil separator system and its process.

Easy to Operate

The system we offer provides operator-friendly operation without requirement for highly-trained personnel to maintain the system. The system itself consists of a floating skimmer, oil water separation unit, and electric or air pump.

The individual operating this tramp oil separator system is responsible for placing the floating skimmer and T.O.S.S. clean fluid return line into the fluid reservoir. After pump operation begins, the T.O.S.S. handles the rest of the operation.

Operation of the Floating Skimmer

The reservoir in which our T.O.S.S. floating skimmer is installed is filled up with contaminated fluid. In order to skim the reservoir’s surface of floating free oils, certain adjustments are made to the skimmer. In addition, the skimmer takes in fluid beneath the surface where mechanically dispersed oil and suspended solids are present.

Removal of Suspended Solids

A separator supply pump is used to draw contaminated fluid through the skimmer from which it is also discharged into a bag filter within the separator. Suspended solids are removed as the fluid passes through the bag filter. Fluid continues to flow beneath the tramp oil discharge trough until it is eventually delivered into highly efficient coalescing media.

Highly Efficient Separation

The coalescing media involved consists of 132 square feet of surface area and one cubic foot in size. The large surface area involved accounts for the 99 percent separation efficiency of 20 µ oil droplets. The total area available for the tramp coolants to flow through determines the efficiency of the tramp oil separator.

Clarified fluid flows from the coalescing media into the clean fluid chamber. It is then transferred from the separator through an adjustable overflow weir, and then, usually conveyed back into the reservoir.

The free oils are removed to the top of the tank by means of the media surface. From there, they enter the tramp oil removal trough and are finally eliminated from the system by means of gravity into a holding container supplied by the client – such as a five-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum.

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How to Use an Efficient Tramp Oil Skimmer to Remove Tramp Oils

At EdjeTech, we offer a water separation and tramp oil skimmer system that removes free-floating, mechanically disseminated oil in addition to suspended solids from tainted fluid. Our tramp oil separator system operates efficiently through the process described below.

Floating Skimmer Operation

Our T.O.S.S. floating skimmer is installed in a reservoir that is filled with contaminated fluid. Adjustments are made to the skimmer in order to skim the reservoir’s surface and drawing is the floating free-oils on the surface. The skimmer also draws in fluid underneath the surface where suspended solids and mechanically dispersed oil are present.

Supply Pump to the Bag Filter

The contaminated fluid is drawn through the skimmer by the means of a separator supply pump by which it is also discharged into a bag filter in the separator. As the fluid is filtered through the bag, suspended solids are removed. It continues to flow under the tramp oil discharge trough until it arrives into very efficient coalescing media.

High Separation Efficiency

The media consists of cubes of one cubic foot in size and 132 square feet of surface area. The 99 percent separation efficiency of 20-micron oil droplets are made possible by the large surface area. The efficiency of the tramp oil separator depends on the amount of area the tramp coolants must flow through. From the coalescing media flows clarified fluid into the clean fluid chamber which is then released from the separator by means of an adjustable overflow weir and then typically transported back into the reservoir.

The media surface removes the free oils to the top of the tank. They then flow into the tramp oil removal trough and are eventually drained out of the system via gravity into a holding container provided by the client (i.e. 55-gallon drum, 5-gallon pail).

Easy to Operate

The tramp oil skimmer and water separator system we provide is designed in an operator friendly manner without the need to have personnel who are highly technical trained operating and maintaining the system. The system consists of an oil water separation unit, floating skimmer, and air or electric pump.

The operator of the system is only required to place the T.O.S.S. clean fluid return line and floating skimmer in the fluid reservoir. After the pump starts operating, the T.O.S.S. takes care of the rest of the operation.

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C.R.O.S.S. – The Ultimate Machine Coolant Filtration System!

Machinists and shop owners alike know that most metalworking machines require a coolant to keep their tooling parts from overheating and disintegrating over time. We look at coolant as a necessary cost of doing business, but filtering the coolant is viewed as optional. We use coolant to protect the investment in an asset like the machine and its tooling parts, so why not protect your investment in machine coolant. A machine coolant filtration system can pay huge dividends for a shop owner by extending the life of your coolant and your machinery. These devices improve the quality of production while decreasing the need to replace sump tools and coolant. Installing a machine coolant filtration system also decreases potential health risks from degrading coolant. These include smoke and smell. Moreover, by using coolant filtration systems, companies demonstrate their concern for environmental protection by reducing waste. At EdjeTech, we recognize all these factors and help you find the right solution. We offer you choices – like our C.R.O.S.S. (Coolant Recovery Oil Separation System) – or customized systems to meet your company’s unique needs.

Standard or Custom?

Our standard solution to dirty coolant problems is the C.R.O.S.S. It remains an excellent choice for several reasons

  • Effectiveness: It removes sump oil to less than 1/4 of 1% by volume
  • Efficiency: The centralized coolant filter works constantly providing clean, fresh coolant 24 hours a day available to the shop
  • Versatility: The C.R.O.S.S. removes contaminants of various kinds including free oils and solids from a diverse medium such as soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and synthetic machine coolant
  • Cost-Effective: Using the C.R.O.S.S. will reduce the time spent on maintenance or replacement of both coolant and sump tools.

Yet, for many, a standard solution is not viable or suitable. Instead, you may require a specific type of machine coolant filtration system. At EdjeTech, you can work with our highly skilled and experienced staff to find the best-customized option available.

The Right Coolant Filtration System for Your Company

At EdjeTech, we consult with our customers on what is the right coolant filtration system for their machinery and situation. We understand that not all machines or systems can operate optimally using a standard coolant filtration and recovery system. As a result, our staff offers a choice between standard and custom-made devices. This allows you to choose what best suits the present and future demands of your equipment.

Finding the Best Suppliers

When you own a metal working business, parts, and equipment need to be tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear your work delivers. Industrial jobs call for heavy equipment, and choosing your vendors poorly can have an effect on your cost of doing business, and over time, your profits.

Products like industrial fluid management systems can be expensive, so these must be built to last. When you need to add or replace this product in your shop, you want to ensure the product is high quality.

Products included in industrial fluid management, like oil water separators and coolant recovery systems are highly specialized and only available from a few vendors. This makes it even more important to choose the right one.

Talk with others in your industry to get an idea about the vendors they use, and then check these out on your own. Be sure to learn as much as you can about the vendor’s reputation in the industry. Do not waste your time on vendors that other companies in your industry avoid.

You can learn a lot from vendor websites, as well, to help narrow down your choices. Once you have one or two in mind, talk with them in person to learn more about their product line.

Price is important, but be sure to compare other items, like quality and customer service, as well. Be sure your vendor is knowledgeable, and that they stay on the cutting edge of technology.

With a little time and effort, you will find the perfect vendor to provide industrial fluid management to your shop. The right vendor can be a great partner in ensuring your shop runs efficiently and in helping you save money. Check out Edjetech today for all your industrial fluid management equipment.

Manage Your Shop’s Fluid Waste Effectively

Keeping costs under control is an important part of being a business owner. It is critical to spend time learning how you can reduce costs without negatively affecting your business. If you run a machine shop, there are ways to reduce costs by managing your fluids efficiently. Learning to manage your company’s waste can really save you money.

To better manage your waste and get more life out of your fluids, consider a tramp oil separator. Tramp oil separators offer two primary benefits to your business.

  1. 1. A tramp oil separator will give your metalworking fluids more life by giving you the ability to recycle the fluid, rather than having to dispose of when it gets dirty. The system removes free floating tramp oil as the fluid passes through. The oil is skimmed off and transferred to a client provided container. The now 99% clean fluid passes back through the original system for reuse. This saves you up to 80% on fluid costs.
  2. 2. A tramp oil separator dramatically reduces your company’s waste, thereby reducing your disposal costs. Because these fluids must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion, disposal can get expensive.

This one product can save your company thousands of dollars each year. The system is safe, easy to maintain, and easy to install. Your new system will be up and running in no time, without a lot of downtime or hassle. You’ll be able to use it immediately after install.

Talk to your industrial filtration systems vendor today about adding a tramp oil separator to your shop. The upfront investment is very low, and the system will pay for itself quickly. Once the system is paid for, you’ll see savings going right to your bottom line, providing a significant cost reduction to running your business.

EdjeTech’s Green Machine Sump Sucker – Features and Benefits

At EdjeTech Services, our Green Machine Sump Sucker is a highly useful piece of equipment to handle an array of jobs around your industrial plant. It can be used effectively to clean out pits and machine sumps, separate metal fines, vacuum surface tramp oil from your sump, and separate particulate from your coolant. This machine functions through compressed air and is easy to use.

Sump Sucker Benefits
Clearing out dirty machine reservoirs is an unpleasant job, no doubt. However, this task does not have to be overly dirty or difficult if you use the Green Machine Sucker. There are two different machines we offer at EdjeTech Services , each having nominally different features.

The standard Green Machine utilizes air pressure offering a maintenance-free design that eliminates potential problems. The Green Machine tank volumes are 55 gallons for the Green Machine 55 and 90 gallons for the Green Machine 90.

For greater capacity the DTS model comes with an additional 55 or 90-gallon tank to hold clean fluid for quick dispensing to the reservoir that was just evacuated.

A few tips for extending the life of your machinery: Clean your sump effectively. Remove any solids through filtering. Then the clean coolant will flow back into the sump through a 1 ½ inch ball valve at the bottom of the machine. The fluid returns either through pressure driven process for faster evacuation results or by means of gravity.

The unit consists of a solid construction. It is built to take the rigors of a plant environment. The vacuum itself is repair and maintenance free. All materials used in its construction are to the highest standards to ensure best quality results.

In order to use the Green Machine, all that is necessary is to connect to an airline and instantly the unit is in operation. With a turn of a knob, the machine is able to fill or discharge easily and quickly. When the unit is full, the check valve will shut off the suction.

For more information about our Green Machine Sucker or other high-value products we offer, contact us today.

Coolant Recycling Should Be a Priority for All Machine Shops

As you’re looking at important items for your new metalworking business, be sure to evaluate coolant recycling systems. This is a system that should be part of your business from the day you open the door. There are many benefits to coolant recycling for both your bottom line and for your employees.


Cost Savings


This is the obvious one. Recycling coolant is a great way to save money. With the proper coolant recycling system, your coolant can be cleaned and reused indefinitely. This is a simple way to save money on the cost of coolant and the costs of proper environmentally friendly disposal. The money you spend to install the coolant recycling system will be recouped quickly in coolant savings. As low as three months for some systems!


Environmental Stewardship


Machine coolants are made with many chemicals that are toxic to humans and wildlife and should be kept out of our waterways and landfills. The less coolant that we have to dispose of, the better. Recycling the coolant to extend its service life is the best way to reduce its environmental impact.


EdjeTech can help you choose the right equipment and products for your shop to ensure that you’re able to recycle coolant from the very beginning. This is one of the most important steps you can take to get your business off on the right foot. Coolant recycling systems are one of the most important things you can do to ensure your business gets off on a clean and efficient foot. Call Edjetech today to get your coolant recycling system in place.


Run a Healthier Shop with a Tramp Oil Skimmer

It’s hard to keep a metal shop clean. It’s well known that the dirt and grime employees must deal with makes the job unpleasant and can even contribute to health problems. The dirty tramp oil makes the air dirty, too, which can cause breathing complications for some people.


If you want to run a healthier shop, add a tramp oil skimmer to all your machines running coolant. It skims the dirty tramp oil off the coolant, removing it from the shop into a disposal bin. Running the tramp oil skimmer throughout the day will ensure that dirty oil is constantly removed from the shop’s atmosphere.


After just a few days, you’ll notice that your shop is cleaner and smells better. The air will be healthier to breathe, and employees will go home feeling cleaner at the end of the day.
Over time, you’re likely to see the number of sick days taken by employees decrease, as they are breathing healthier air. You may even see employee retention increase because people feel like they have a healthier place to work.


People with respiratory ailments, in particular, are more likely to stay healthy when they work in an environment with cleaner air.
As an employer, you can feel good about providing your employees a healthier place to work. However, you can almost certainly feel good about saving money, too. Coolant that has the tramp oil and particulate removed regularly can be used indefinitely.


Talk with EdjeTech today about putting a tramp oil skimmer into your shop! 800-242-0525

Industrial Filtration Systems Reduce Many Costs

One of the easiest ways to save money in your metalworking shop is by recycling machine coolant. It’s estimated that you can save up to 80% on the costs of coolant by recycling. So, it just makes good business sense to install an industrial filtration system and coolant recycling equipment so that you can remove the dirty oil from your coolant throughout the day and reuse the coolant multiple times before disposal.


However, there’s another benefit to using industrial filtration systems in your shop that you might not have considered. Metalworking fluids can be hazardous to your health, as is dirty oil. Many employees who work in metalworking shops report more respiratory ailments than workers in other industries, and there are skin irritations associated with exposure to metalworking fluids.


Keeping your shop cleaner and healthier can help you reduce employee turnover and reduce the number of sick days in your shop each year. Both of these improvements help reduce costs, as well as ensuring you’re taking the best care possible of your employees. It makes your shop an overall better place to work, which is something your employees will appreciate.


Talk with EdjeTech today about putting an industrial filtration system in your shop. It’s a simple step that can save you money immediately on coolant costs and pay long-term benefits to your employees’ health. Truly a win-win proposition for your business!

5 Reasons to Choose EdjeTech Tramp Oil Separator Systems

Today’s machine shops deal with technical challenges day in and day out. You need to fabricate and ship products to your customers on time and in good condition. It’s also important to maintain a clean and efficient shop. Shops that use the T.O.S.S. T1 tramp oil separator system from EdjeTech Services for their coolant sumps have a much easier time achieving their goals. Here are five reasons why.


1. Use One for Each Sump


You’ll save a lot on costs when you have an oil skimmer as part of your coolant recovery system. In fact, you’ll save so much that it’s economically feasible to put a T.O.S.S. T1 system on every machine tool sump in the shop. This not only cuts your new coolant and coolant disposal bills, but it also gives you a cleaner and more hygienic place to work.


2. Effective Contaminates Removal


The T.O.S.S. T1 system is one of the most effective tramp oil separator units on the market today. However, it can do more than just separate sump oil from the coolant. It removes suspended particulate as well as circulates coolant in the sump while the CNC Machine is idle to keep it from going sour.


3. Efficient Skimmers


Decantation can be effective for removing sediments, but it takes time for them to work. Disk skimmers and belt skimmers are sometimes used, as well as rope skimming systems. However, none of them are as efficient as the T.O.S.S. T1 system that uses coalescing technology to separate the mechanically dispersed oils from the coolant.


4. Flow Rate


The T.O.S.S. T1 tramp oil separator system can give you a flow rate of two gallons per minute. Some systems can only deliver two gallons per hour. You get this increased speed without sacrificing efficiency.


5. Customer Support


EdjeTech Services has been in the industrial fluid filtration business for more than three decades. We provide a wide range of separator and filtration units. Call us today at 1-800 242-0525 to see what we can do for you.