How to Use an Efficient Tramp Oil Skimmer to Remove Tramp Oils

5 Dec, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

At EdjeTech, we offer a water separation and tramp oil skimmer system that removes free-floating, mechanically disseminated oil in addition to suspended solids from tainted fluid. Our tramp oil separator system operates efficiently through the process described below. Floating Skimmer Operation Our T.O.S.S. floating skimmer is installed in a reservoir that is filled with contaminated Read More

C.R.O.S.S. – The Ultimate Machine Coolant Filtration System!

14 Sep, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

Machinists and shop owners alike know that most metalworking machines require a coolant to keep their tooling parts from overheating and disintegrating over time. We look at coolant as a necessary cost of doing business, but filtering the coolant is viewed as optional. We use coolant to protect the investment in an asset like the Read More

Finding the Best Suppliers

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When you own a metal working business, parts, and equipment need to be tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear your work delivers. Industrial jobs call for heavy equipment, and choosing your vendors poorly can have an effect on your cost of doing business, and over time, your profits. Products like industrial Read More

Manage Your Shop’s Fluid Waste Effectively

6 Sep, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

Keeping costs under control is an important part of being a business owner. It is critical to spend time learning how you can reduce costs without negatively affecting your business. If you run a machine shop, there are ways to reduce costs by managing your fluids efficiently. Learning to manage your company’s waste can really Read More

EdjeTech’s Green Machine Sump Sucker – Features and Benefits

30 Jul, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

At EdjeTech Services, our Green Machine Sump Sucker is a highly useful piece of equipment to handle an array of jobs around your industrial plant. It can be used effectively to clean out pits and machine sumps, separate metal fines, vacuum surface tramp oil from your sump, and separate particulate from your coolant. This machine Read More

Coolant Recycling Should Be a Priority for All Machine Shops

11 May, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

As you’re looking at important items for your new metalworking business, be sure to evaluate coolant recycling systems. This is a system that should be part of your business from the day you open the door. There are many benefits to coolant recycling for both your bottom line and for your employees.   Cost Savings Read More

Run a Healthier Shop with a Tramp Oil Skimmer

7 May, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

It’s hard to keep a metal shop clean. It’s well known that the dirt and grime employees must deal with makes the job unpleasant and can even contribute to health problems. The dirty tramp oil makes the air dirty, too, which can cause breathing complications for some people.   If you want to run a Read More

Industrial Filtration Systems Reduce Many Costs

2 May, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

One of the easiest ways to save money in your metalworking shop is by recycling machine coolant. It’s estimated that you can save up to 80% on the costs of coolant by recycling. So, it just makes good business sense to install an industrial filtration system and coolant recycling equipment so that you can remove Read More

5 Reasons to Choose EdjeTech Tramp Oil Separator Systems

8 Feb, 2018 edjetech 0 comments

Today’s machine shops deal with technical challenges day in and day out. You need to fabricate and ship products to your customers on time and in good condition. It’s also important to maintain a clean and efficient shop. Shops that use the T.O.S.S. T1 tramp oil separator system from EdjeTech Services for their coolant sumps Read More

Use the Right Coolant Separator Provider

3 Nov, 2017 edjetech 0 comments

Using a coolant separator is a great way to protect your equipment from failure and save your company money. Your coolant separator removes harmful particulate and oil from your coolant, keeping it clean as it runs through your machines. Paired with a coolant recycling program, it can save you money on coolant and on machine Read More