The Benefits of Professional Industrial Fluid Management

As a metalworking business owner, you have many things to think about. Running a clean and environmentally friendly shop should be one of these, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Getting your shop on a professional industrial fluid management plan can help you reach many of your goals. There are several benefits to having professional industrial fluid management in your shop.


    1. You’ll reduce your coolant costs. Proper fluid management includes cleaning and recycling your coolant. By cleaning your coolant, you can use it repeatedly before it must be disposed of. This can reduce the amount of coolant your shop uses by as much as 80%, saving you money.
    1. Your shop is cleaner and safer. By constantly cleaning your coolant, your shop is more sanitary as well, reducing odors and dangerous fumes. Your employees will appreciate this, and you may even see the number of sick days in your shop reduced.
    1. Your shop is more environmentally friendly. When you recycle your coolant, you have less to dispose of throughout the year, decreasing your carbon footprint. Not only is this better for the environment, but it saves you money in disposal fees, as well.


These three benefits can add up to a big payoff for your business. By running a clean shop, you’ll provide a safer and more comfortable workplace for your employees. You’ll save money for your business, and you’ll be doing a favor for the planet. Getting your industrial fluid management plan in place sooner rather than later can help you reach all these goals quickly, and have them firmly in place as your business grows. This means you can get on with other important items on your company’s business agenda. EdjeTech Services offers on-site consultation services to assess your current industrial fluid management plan and create a new plan of action that will save you money and improve your shop’s efficiency. Contact us at (800) 242-0525 or to book your consultation!

Choosing a Partner in Your Metalworking Business

Starting a metalworking business can be exciting, but can also create a lot of questions. Turning a hobby into a business requires making some important decisions and learning ways to increase efficiency in order to make a profit.


The right equipment can help make your business more efficient and make your job easier. Equipment like industrial filtration systems lower costs, reduce manpower and make your business more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, they can reduce wear and tear on your equipment making it last longer and protecting your investment.


If you’re new to the industry, you may not understand how these systems can work to your advantage. That’s why it’s important to have an industrial filtration company as your partner as you begin your new venture. An industrial filtration company can provide you with the equipment you need to get your business going the right way. A company manufacturing an industrial filtration system can provide you with expertise and advice that will prove invaluable as you navigate your new business. They can let you know which pieces of equipment will provide you with the most benefit. They can even help you to create your business processes so that you are operating at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency.


Choose an industrial filtration equipment company based on their longevity and reputation in the industry. By choosing a company with a long history, you’ll ensure you get advice from seasoned professionals. You’ll also ensure that your partner will be around for the long haul. You should also look for a company that offers a wide range of products to serve your business.


Every new business has ups and downs, but you can certainly increase the number of “ups” by making smart business decisions from the beginning. Choosing to partner with a company like EdjeTech and employing an industrial filtration system, is one of the smartest decisions a new metalworking business can make.

How Waste Gets in Your Way

All CNC machinists know that coolant is required to keep machining equipment from overheating, and this coolant quickly becomes contaminated with solids, oil or sludge. You accept it as a fact of life, but the work you’re doing is a particularly dirty job, and this dirt and waste damages machinery and slows down production.


Not only do you spend time disposing of the used coolant and waste, but you spend a lot of money doing so. Disposal is expensive because the waste must be disposed of properly since it is environmentally hazardous and then you have to buy replacement fluid as well.


All of these issues get in the way of you doing your job in the most efficient and cost effective way. But, there is a way to reduce waste, the money it costs and the cost of disposal.


Work Without Waste


A coolant filtration system removes the dirt, oil, and sludge from your coolant, allowing you to recycle it several times before you must dispose of it. This reduces the overall amount of waste for disposal, saving you on disposal costs, and helping you do your part for the environment. You can save as much as 90% on disposal costs by filtering and reusing your coolant.


A coolant filtration system also saves big money on the costs of buying coolant. Because the coolant is now reusable, you’ll buy far less than before. In fact, it’s estimated that you’ll save between 45 and 80% on the amount spent on coolant each year. It’s easy to see how this system pays for itself in savings.


Don’t let waste get in your way. Save time and money by using a coolant filtration system for the fluids you use for metalworking. It’s smart business, and it keeps all that waste well out of your way, allowing you to focus on the primary intent of your business.